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Meet Maria - the creator of adora atom

"I love being up high in the mountains. I always carry a sketchbook and pencil with me in case a special thought flies in like a butterfly from somewhere ("...thoughts arrive like butterflies..." by Even Flow by Pearl Jam)."

Maat: I'm so grateful that you agreed to participate in's "YOU can do anything!" series.

The personal development and happiness website that features the successful and struggling people of our time. Conversations about motivation, articles about the power of family and how important it is to have faith in everything and in our own abilities.

For those who don't know what an adora atom is, how would you describe your creation? How did it all start?

Maria: Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the "You Can Do Anything" series!

The idea for adora atom started back in 2017, looking for a way to express myself.

For me it is distant, as from the appearance of this little grain from the depths of my soul to the moment I appeared in the Art sector of Vola Open Air seems like an eternity. You get the idea, it's a personal thing - you plan, direct, walk, reflect and give yourself credit for every step along the way.

And so one night I discovered paper holds a thousand possibilities to work with and there was no turning back. I was overwhelmed with euphoria and nothing could be postponed. I equipped myself with a sewing machine and my adventure into the world of sewing began.

Kudos to my friends at Dvergen Artz, with whom I had my introductory course.

I continued with self-study and product development, which officially appeared to the public this year.

I strive to create practical accessories that at the same time do not harm nature and have a long life.

Maat: Who are your biggest mentors or inspirations in this business and who is the best advice you've ever received?

Maria: Without a doubt, my mom is one of my biggest inspirations.

She changed the direction of my life at the exact age I am now, showing me what it's like to fight for your dreams with true passion and achieve them.

Along the way I have met other awakeners like the woodcarver from Zlatograd - Petar Lazarov, whose life story has always given me strength. He was an extremely kind, hospitable real person and artist.

Last but not least my son Lachezar, who turned my whole world upside down 8 years ago and who is a constant source of inspiration and creative ideas.

Maat: What is your favorite material to work with and why?

Maria: My favorite material is kraft tex paper. The paper that looks like leather but can be sewn and washed like fabric. Its composition includes natural paper fibers that have undergone a process known as tanning, which results in a very strong and waterproof final product. It is a very good alternative to leather, and can be recycled at a later date due to its biodegradable natural innards.

An extremely nature friendly product with endless possibilities.

Maat: What qualities do you look for in the perfect piece of jewelry or other product? What is most important to you?

Maria: I create jewelry less and less. My focus has shifted to sewing as the most important thing for me when creating a product is that it is perfectly made, the material is sustainable, long lasting, functional and has an attractive design.

Maat: What inspires you when you create?:)

Maria: People, music and nature! I love being high up in the mountains. I always carry a sketchbook and pencil with me in case a special thought flies like a butterfly from somewhere ("...thoughts arrive like butterflies..." by Even Flow by Pearl Jam). And there is always music playing in my studio as part of the process of creation.

Maat: What's your goal for developing your awesome art!

Maria: I am currently developing designs for men's wallets and children's accessories.

I'm also about to launch an adora atom blog where I will share news about the brand as well as knowledge and skills with my readers, which is one of my main goals.

And by the end of the year I hope to finish the course I started a few months ago at the SITAM Bulgaria fashion and design school in Blagoevgrad.

Maat: What is your message to any artist who is afraid to turn their hobby into a profession and be brave because everyone tells them how hard it is to create a business and sustain it?

How do they awaken their confidence to continue their mission?

Maria: Everything is a process that doesn't always happen right now and right away. The small steps you take every day, not only on the level of developing a business idea, but also on personal improvement, finding harmony and balance in life, will undoubtedly lead you to the right moment to unleash your potential and turn the wheel of your dreams.

Go for it!

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