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More musicians are releasing their own music and succeeding-Roberto Nikolov is the artist who blew our minds and proved to all of us how important it is not to give up on your dreams

Robbie is the winner of the BG Debut category in the BG Radio Annual Music Awards 2024.

Robbie has been known on our music scene for years, but this year he received his award in the BG Debut category in BG Radio's Annual Music Awards 2024.

A boy who started his steps from the small town of Montana, gained strength and with his positivity and never ending effort to reach all of us with his love, he succeeded!

Just a few years ago Robbie was visiting Maat and shared his message in the "You Can Do Anything" series:

I believe that there are many cool and talented people in Bulgaria.

I would advise each and every one of them not to worry about people's opinion, but to be themselves. Be creative, share your stuff to the world and have patience.

It will happen when the time is right ☺

Robbie is definitely the kind of person who evolves. The inspirers of our "new" time. From creating the idea in his mind, to wanting a dream to become a reality and going through all the conditions to make it happen. From owning his own studio to the arrival of the lyrics and music created to stopping by people, all the way to today where he is one of the most recognizable artists in our country.

This guy is a huge inspiration. He reminded us that even though sometimes we may feel like we're not good enough or impatient in our dreams, there's always a way. The secret is to never give up.

Maat wishes Robbie all the inspiration and strength to achieve his goals and realize his dreams, because quite simply, he deserves it. He is a source of pride for all of us in the Northwest and across the country.

We look forward to having him on soon to tell us even more about his music and his inspirations.



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