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Nina - Peace and Love!

An interview about freedom, art and love!

Maat: Who is Nina?

Nina: Nina is a super happy person... Tireless and as many people say -flying.

She doesn't skiyng or snowboarding. She doesn't like winter, despite her birth date.

She loves warm weather and warm people. I love all children. I set goals and fight to accomplish them. I am rarely dissatisfied. I am a proud mother of an 11 year old George.

Maat: What made you start painting?

Nina: If I have to be honest -Covid 19.

Another inspiration for me to start was my son George, who is always more enthusiastic about drawing than teaching him a math lesson.

A while ago I found a nice online social media group with weekly watercolor painting topics. There were various contests too, and a good attitude everywhere. The posts of each artwork, were objectively and beautifully commented.

Just for the record, I love sunrises, sunsets, clouds, skies and horizons.

I took Georgie's drawing pad and painted my aunt's house with the colors the sun puts on a sunrise, looking out from a photo.

Looking at the whole situation with our home closing, I felt a positive impact. I had free time and I was with my family. What could be better than that?

The most precious thing we have is time, especially time spent with our loved ones.

In times like this you realize which are the important things in life.

I started dreaming even more, setting new goals. I realised that I was free to develop myself, express myself and fill my day, besides developing my teaching abilities and drawing a lot.

I find new knowledge, skill, thought, sunrise, curiosity, reading, looking forward, looking back, motivation and freedom very important.

And you know what? It is wonderful to feel love! That is the most important thing!

Maat: How do you get inspiration?

Nina: We get along pretty well with music and we like each other. Drum and bass music is responsible Inspiration - DJ Mocks, my camera, and anything that brings me satisfaction and makes me smile. I am inspired by the sea, the waves, the Milky way, the mountains, the wins, the losses and grandma.

Maat: What is the message of your art?

Nina: My art carries the message of being real. The ones who we choose to be with our hearts. We need to create, to be kind and help each other because together we can do a lot. We need peace and love! Let's learn to live right and hold of any opportunities we may miss!

Maat: Make a wish to all Maat Inside You readers.

How to remain inspired?

Nina: Well how? With more desire! To achieve something you have to work hard.

I wish your readers to be in love! Love is a great power!

Thanks for the questions and the broad horizon! Peace! Love! Unity!

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