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Tsvetoslav Ionov - the man with the superpower "will" that he uses to have Vola Open Air!

"We just have to believe in what we do!"

Maat: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to be a part of the "You Can Do Anything!" series, because you really are the kind of person who is a fighter and can make things happen. Let us introduce the readers to the person behind Vola Open Air.

Tsvetoslav Ionov: Hello! My name is Tsvetoslav Ionov. I am the founder of Vola open air festival and the manager of the company Vola open mind, which organizes the festival. 

Regarding my participation in the "You Can Do Anything!" series, I think that applies to everyone. We just have to believe in what we are doing!

Maat: How did the idea for one of our favorite festivals come about?

Tsvetoslav Ionov: The idea belongs to my brother Emil. As born in Mezdra,

we often took walks to Mt. Vola. One day, during another walk, he came up with the idea for a music festival in this beautiful place, part of the Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park. He called me on the phone to share it. I immediately liked the concept and said. And so for 12 years we have been showing

a different face of the Northwest. 

My brother Emil is still helping out, but on the back burner as he lives abroad. 

Maat: The festival combines breathtaking scenery, different styles of music, opportunities to learn something new, participate in various entertainment programs, opportunities to meet new people and many more soul-pleasing experiences.

What makes you keep fighting for the festival to exist?

Tsvetoslav Ionov: It's very simple. One of my main motives to continue organizing the festival is that it inspires its guests. They leave cheerful, happy and energized.

Apart from that, I don't think there are many "alternative events" in Bulgaria. I think our festival is already very recognizable for its uniqueness and its audience always expects something different and interesting. We try to present something new from the music scene every time. We like to experiment, we like surprises and that's why we plan various non-musical activities in the programme. 

Personally, I believe we have found the right place and are following the right formula for a festival. And it is: perseverance and belief in what we do, in active partnership with local authorities, organisations and business representatives. We could not have done it alone. And so far we have received understanding and support from Vratsa Municipality, Vratsa Balkan Nature Park, BRC Vratsa and many others.

Maat: What challenges have you faced in organizing

festival and what do you do when "small stones" appear on the way to its realization?

Tsvetoslav Ionov: The main problem we always face is funding. Every time we start from scratch, it's like starting for the first time. So far we have always managed to find ways to cope with the challenges. For us, the most important thing is to be able to run the festival, and to be accessible to visitors. 

It's not easy to do a festival in nature without electricity, running water, toilets, etc. There are a series of tasks that have to be solved and in the best way to make everything right.

Maat: What are your fondest memories of the festival? What will you never forget?

Tsvetoslav Ionov: Wow, I have very fond memories! The experience of each edition is unforgettable - the artists we meet, the people who come, the sights, the dancing, etc. 

Maat: In just a few months we will have the opportunity to spend a few days in the Vrachan Balkan again, where at 1058 m altitude we are all free and away from the busy everyday life. What to expect in July? 

Tsvetoslav Ionov: Expect a lot of new and quality music in July. Expect the latest from the world of electronic, soul, funk, hip hop and reggae music, spread over three stages - two musical and one non-musical, quality sound and everything you need for an unforgettable festival with breathtaking audio-visual experiences.

We are expecting many smiling and inspired friends at the festival, not only to have fun, but also to treat the environment responsibly in the name of nature conservation. 

Maat: What advice would you give to the readers of What do you believe in?

Tsvetoslav Ionov: I would advise your readers to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. With a lot of hard work and belief in your own strength there are no impossible things!

Stay tuned for "Vola open air 21" and see you under the starry sky of "Vola" in July!

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The photos are from Tsvetoslav's archive



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