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Why it is important to "switch off" and how to achieve maximum results

Reflections from Atliman Bay.

Hello, friends of Maat Inside You! I hope each of you is in a great mood today! :) I've been wondering for a long time what my next "personal development and motivation" post should be. I decided to share something with you, as I think we are all in that circle lately. The times we live in force each of us to follow a certain "regime" of life - one that sometimes makes us extremely happy, other times makes us want to run 300mph away from it.

As someone who studies and analyzes everything around me, I always notice the "little things". It is in them that the secrets of a happy life lie.

As the years go by, I appreciate the time spent outside in nature even more - it gives me the strength I need to just keep moving forward.

I live and work in a city where everything exists at a fast pace. Even when I was still living in small town Montana, I developed that fast pace of life again. It got me much we miss by rushing. We rush to work, to the store, to travel. Now I look up and see how peaceful everything is around me. I hear the music of the birds above me, perched on the branches of the trees and the sound of the sea. Ah, the sea! 🌊

For millennia different civilizations have created their magnificent empires and kingdoms on the banks of rivers, seas, lakes. Where there is water, there is life. It is encoded in our DNA to be in nature. It is where we feel best, free and at peace.

To slow down our pace of life, we need to make as many changes in our lives as possible. Standing in one place can in no way allow us to see the beauties of the world and just be free.

However, in order to achieve maximum results, we need to be consistent - in our thoughts and in the things we do. Those that make us truly happy are where we should focus our attention.

Family, friends, sports, music, walking, extreme experiences, reading books, writing and much more.

Choose your favourite things and make sure you spend most of your time on them.

Very soon you will notice the change in you and everything around you.

Time is something we cannot get back, so we have to make the most of it and keep fighting for it to be happy.


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