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VOLA OPEN AIR 2021 - the festival that gave us pulsating energy for the year ahead

The atmosphere that a festival brings turns into a fire that ignites every light in everyone who visits it.

This energy that pulses through the crowd of smiling people is described as a rush that flows through your body and leaves your mind and soul in perfect harmony.

If you've ever been to a festival, you know what I'm talking about (and I'm not exaggerating because I'm still holding on to the emotion :D). It's an adrenaline rush and combination of emotions like you've never experienced before. This is Vola Open Air 21!

Just a few days ago, we returned from an adventure that we all looked forward to with

very much looking forward to.

High in the mountains, where the noise of cars is non-existent... you can only hear the sound of the wind, the "forest play" of the trees and of course the laughter of your friends and the music.

I decided to present the festival exactly as it was - unforgettable and exciting!

We all know there are hundreds of music festivals around the world, but Vola Open Air 21 has

only here in Bulgaria. Here, although different and enchanted by our fast-paced lives in big cities, united around music, the beauty of nature and emotion, we remain free and pure as little children.

We started our first night there by pitching our tents and kicked off with a bang with a live concert of performers.

See more of what I'm talking about. :)

The view the next morning from the Vola Monument. :) It was very hot, but it was worth going up to see this! :)

We made it to the second day. We survived after the first night, thanks to the bar and the delicious grilled food that was offered at the festival - kebabs, burgers, fries, beer and everything we needed for a good mood after our first night there.

During the day we had time to rest, take a bohemian bath in the adapted bathrooms and it was time for tours of the fest and participation in the graffiti workshop of 0511 Clothing, where everyone had the opportunity to freely draw a sketch on the theme #ExperienceVola. The best sketches were awarded with prizes and everyone enjoyed themselves to the max.

Our friends from CHKN , also had their place at the festival. :)

I also met the lovely Maria who is the creator of adora atom.

By the time we got settled, it was party time again. Loud music, starry skies above us and never-ending smiles!

The smell of the grill and the sound of the kettle cheers wafted through the air.

We sent off the second night of the fest with lots of dancing.

You couldn't help but recognize these two. Subotage,blasted with powerful bass in their style and had people dancing non-stop, even into the early hours. It should be noted that not only them but all the artists seriously got our feet tapping. :)

More :)

In the way we study these music festivals as mega events, we dissect the use of the global language of music.

In this case, music provides insight into how and why people sometimes come together collectively.

We definitely know why we do it. We remain energized by this episode of Vola Open Air and look forward to the next edition of the festival in 2023.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts the organizers of the event for the great emotion they created for us. Once again we realize that it makes sense to be at home, where we are all one, where there is freedom, and smiles are how we communicate best.

Remember that everything happens at the moment you are ready to give yourself to it completely and forget about everything else, just because we have to be happy and make people happy! That's all that matters!

Be positive and free!

See you at the next festival, friends! :)

 - Bogomil Nikolov(Guesswho)


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