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Veniamin - the magician in music who never stops smiling and believing in the good!

"I can't wait to get on stage again and share my new projects with the audience."

Maat: I'll never forget the moment I was working out at the Metroflex gym when one of the most positive people I know walked through the door! I am so grateful for the opportunity to introduce people to you. Let's tell them.

Veniamin: Thank you very much, Gabby, for your attention and for the invitation. I also remember that moment in the gym and my first impression of you was the same. As they say positive people sniff each other out! There should definitely be more people like you charging others with your positive energy and mindset!

Maat: You are a unique singer and your captivating angelic voice cannot be described in words. How did you start singing?

Veniamin: Thank you for your kind words!

I loved listening to your music in my childhood.

I had a little cassette recorder that worked almost around the clock :) I kept singing all day and had learned all the lyrics to the songs I had on record. This gave me pleasure incomparable to anything. I can't imagine my life without music!

Maat: When did you first realize that music was your calling?

Veniamin: The true realization that music would be my calling happened when I was in elementary school. My music teacher noticed a talent in me, advised me to enroll in music school, I listened to her and... That's how it all started.

Maat: There have certainly been many people in your life who have supported you, but there have also been times when it has been very hard. How do you manage to cope with all the difficulties? How come you are always smiling?

Veniamin: I'm grateful to all the people who have supported me over the years back, but I've definitely had my share of tough times in the family. That's when I discovered the tremendous power that music has. It has saved me and given me hope.

Despite everything, I have always found occasions to smile and look for the good in people. I have accepted the fact that there are good and bad moments in life. The important thing is to believe that things will get better and move forward with a smile, despite everything and everyone!

Maat: You are one of the hottest new names on the Bulgarian pop scene, you have participated in music formats, you are also very well known in your native Burgas.

Do you miss the stage and the contact with the audience in these crazy times?

Veniamin: I definitely miss the scene. Everything that's happening globally has affected the music industry a lot and not only that, but I'm not stopping working. I'm preparing new projects. Just a few weeks ago a new song featuring me came out, this time in a duet with Virginie Sabeva-Genie - "Happy End".

At the moment I'm mainly focused on business on the side of music, precisely because of the crazy times we live in, and because of my interest in new and different things. I try to combine them, sometimes it's hell hard, but definitely music remains my biggest passion and calling.

I can't wait to get on stage again and share my new projects with the audience.

Maat: Are you working on something new and what can we expect from you? What are you going to surprise us with?

Veniamin: This year I have something to surprise my fans with. There will be a big change for me musically. I've decided to experiment with a bit more commercial projects. For starters, I've prepared something that I hope will be out soon. Expect something different, but necessarily emotional and earth shattering!

Maat: What advice would you give to all these people who know what they can do but are afraid to be brave? What do you believe in?

Veniamin: I want to advise these people to act. Now! Don't put it off until tomorrow, next month, next year...! We are living here and now and we should not squander our dreams fearing failure or anything else. Fear is the enemy of dreams coming true. I'm still working on this myself, it's definitely not easy and takes a lot of courage. Life is one and we have no time to waste, we have to act!

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From the author: Venny, thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in Maat's "You can do anything!" series. It is a great honor to know someone like you! You can do anything! Stay the same and may your angelic voice take you to unknown places and make all your dreams come true! Health, success and love! -Gabriela Kardashlieva



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