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The season of music festivals has begun in the vicinity of Montana town

🏕️ BioRhytm Open Air 🏕️

Here, the time has come to be together by the fire in the green forest.

In spite of the crazy weather, Petar Tsokin and Zlatko Ganchev (Subotage) decided to surprise all fans of drum and bass music and adventures in nature with an amazing festival called BioRhytm.

From the moment we arrived, we could feel the energy that the chosen place for the festival carried. We were going to spend two whole days away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, in a fairytale-like setting.

The place was the Ogosta River, located in the regions of Montana and Vratsa. A river that proudly stands on the 17th place in length among the rivers in Bulgaria.

As the tents were pitched, the moon was also intent on bestowing some of its light, and we didn't feel the night fall.

And a festival, like a festival - lots of smiling people in one place, friends you haven't seen for a while, I even found out from talking to people attending the fest that some of them had met people they hadn't seen for years..

That's the kind of emotion I'm talking about. :)

I can tell you a lot about music. We went through musical styles like

Funk, Dub, UK Garage, Live Synth Performance and Hip Hop Live and of course huge doses of Drum & Bass.

Especially for the event, many and varied artists were invited such as Distant Fusion [Montenegro], Techdown [Warfare Recordings, Funk Aesthetics], Pandemic [Warfare Recordings, Funk Aesthetics], pAnega [Thunder and Fury], Bzzzt, Dissociation [Super Dope Space Monkey Dragon], Factor [Creative Minds], Aquatech [Creative Minds], Marski [Bass Gathering], Seeone [OSM], Brigx [OSM] [Bass Komitet/Bass Committee/, Ergo.

Of course, Goldrum [Subotage] and Paramether [Subotage] also joined in the musical intro.

For all the festival goers who love good food, there was a Bass Bar that had everything you need - mekitsi, grilled food, beer, brandy, tripe soup and lots of smiling people who kept working all day and night to add to the pleasure of gathering at this fabulous place by the river. Ogosta.

See more about the emotion conveyed in these materials:

И още :)

Sometimes people don't think about how much work is behind these types of events.

The motivation of these guys is huge. You can only imagine, so much sound in one place, all the equipment, carrying it to this beautiful venue and a number of additional tasks that this team handled with a huge smile.

Think about how many such festivals are held in the Northwest, an area rich in nature, talent and hardworking people. Ones who want to develop not only in the big cities, but to stay or return to where they are from to create something meaningful there.

I think you already understand what the real purpose of the festival is - the development of electronic culture in Montana and the region. Bringing people together through music.

Because wherever we are in the world, we are united. We are free!

In the end, I can tell you only one thing about this festival - AWESOME!

We will long remember that beautiful, starry sky, those walks in the meadows around the river, the lush forest, the smiling people and the emotion.

And to SUBOTAGE and the other artists, we can wish a lot of inspiration, positivity and strength to have many more such musical adventures!



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