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Philip Doynov - the smile behind the console! The creative mind who never stops surprising with his

In the interview with Philip, he revealed to Maat Inside You how important it is to be consistent in what you do and how music can be one of your best friends!

Have you ever wondered why we listen to music? How come it affects us so much? There is now scientific evidence of the impact of music on our psyche, heart rate and breathing. :)

While listening to music, we experience different types of emotions. It is at this point that dopamine production in the brain is stimulated. The same, can be compared to the kind of food we taste or the beautiful view in front of our eyes. It is clear that everything is an emotion and in short what makes us happy is expressed in the things we do.

- The next guest in the "You Can Do Anything" series, can really do anything!

A boy with ambitions, goals and ideas for the development of a different and beloved to many of us musical style - Drum and Bass!

For those of you who are hearing about this music for the first time, we can briefly say that drum and bass music is an electronic music style that has its origins in the late 80s. Characteristic of this style is the fast tempo, which is usually 160-180 beats per minute and long bass lines. Its first steps were made on the English scene in the early 1990s. As club culture grew, the electronic music style Acid House was born, which is a collection of broken beats or broken beats - strong bass lines and a tempo that is faster than house music. In 1991, the tracks that were created this way became known as jungle, which was then becoming a new musical genre. It is these musical arcs that are often combined with bass lines and broken bass. This style of music gained its popularity in 1994.

Due to the style's association with disorder at the time, most producers and performers created drum and bass. It was this style that entered everyday life even faster through nightclubs, television and radio in the period 1995-1997.

Music for the heart and soul - where everything begins with a thought and ends with an emotion

-Philip Doynov is from Sofia, and in telling his story about the series, he shared many of his personal ideas, views and reasons that led him to choose the "DJ path".

He is an artist who understands the importance of a comfortable environment, not only for the DJ himself, but also for the event-goers, as his goal and that of his organization Creative Minds is to develop the drum and bass music, both on home soil and abroad. It was a very positive and genuine conversation with him in Borisova Garden Park. :)

=If you want to hear more music by Philip, click here and listen:

= Check out the Creative Minds page:

- Philip shared how many people he admires and how he has been able to develop his own skills. For him, the style you develop as a DJ is personal and can't be compared to anyone else's. The personal take on music is what makes each DJ unique. He thanks the HMSU team who are his inspirations for setting him on the path he has chosen in music.

According to him, the "magic" that singing brings is not the same as DJing, but the connection with the audience, mixing the sounds to be what they are is of utmost importance and this hobby, profession and even vocation is just as valuable and brings with it unique emotions and knowledge. He says a DJ is able to take people on a musical journey without singing or playing instruments. This is a completely different kind of art, he said while we were talking in Borisova Garden Park in Sofia.

= Don't miss this event! If you love the forest atmosphere and good music, come to Station Bass :)

More information about the upcoming event:

Creative Minds:

"We invite you to break away from urban reality and take a train journey through the beauty of the Iskar Gorge. We are glad to have been invited to a place where time stops, problems disappear and music brings us closer together - Balkan Station or better known as Balkan Station. "

The idea of the festival is to develop the electronic scene and culture in the country while combining different types of arts and performances. Apart from the fact that you will be able to hear emerging artists and already established old-timers, this summer we have prepared for you several headliners from abroad, some of whom will be stepping on home soil for the first time.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to our two-day festival on the 18th and 19th of June! The day will be full of workshops, entertainment, food and a variety of music. In the evening we will indulge in a loud and varied line-up, running through the whole gamut of sounds so that we can enjoy the colourful rhythm.

Bass Station will be limited capacity and tickets for the event can be purchased in advance. All anti-epidemic measures will be observed on site. Minors will only be admitted by providing a declaration. Should the epidemic conditions in the country worsen, we reserve the right to postpone the event to another date, and anyone who has purchased a ticket will be able to get their money back or use the ticket for the same or another Creative Minds event. "

Tickets can be purchased from:

More information about the ongoing event:

Stay tuned for part two of the podcast interview with Philip on the Maat Inside You YouTube channel, because there's more to find out about him!!!!!

contact phone: +359 876 1641 61



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