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Michaela Voynova - about freedom in the big world full of opportunities and reasons to be happy

A conversation revealing all the secrets of "free living".

What we think and the way we react to everything happening around us determines our future.

-When did your love for travelling begin?

At the age of 14 I was taking English classes and the school organised a trip to London. I didn't even tell my parents because I had no interest, but at the parents' meeting the teacher told them and they signed me up in a second. I headed reluctantly to the airport, first flight on a plane and alone. I came back the happiest girl in the world and realized I didn't want to stop traveling.

I want to say "Thank you!" to my parents for this!

-What are your favorite destinations from all of your travels?

My favorite destinations are the unplanned ones, the ones I buy a ticket today for tomorrow and don't even know where I'm going to sleep. Such was my trip to Ibiza where a close friend of mine invited me to leave 24 hours before the flight. Despite the sleepless nights and alcohol tourism we arranged, this destination will remain "My number 1" .

- Here we come to a serious question, which is related to your return for a short time, to Bulgaria. What made you come back to your native Sofia during a pandemic?

I miss Bulgaria, I can't deny it.

At a time of pandemic I needed security and support from loved ones. And Bulgaria always warms my soul. I came back because a job opportunity opened up, which I accepted without a second thought. I was enthusiastic about the change ahead and it turned out to be very pleasant. The environment I found myself in gave me incredible energy, the people I was surrounded with proved that even in times of crisis, hope for the better never dies.

Maat: From the moment I met Michaela I knew she was one of the few brave, young people left on this earth. Even from our conversation so far, you can sense the confidence and mind she possesses. The opportunity to meet someone like her comes along extremely rarely, but if you draw the winning ticket from the bowl called "life", you will win big!

Nevertheless, sitting across from Michaela, I had more questions to ask, and one thought kept running through my mind... about England. I've been there too, and I can confirm that that land, has a "magical power" that we would find hard to resist. A combination of history, culture, literature, art, fresh air, entertainment and opportunity.

So I decided to ask her:

-How and why did you choose the UK?

Many of my friends left 2-3 years before me and told me how interesting and exciting it was for them to start a new life. This motivated me a lot and I started thinking extensively about options for revisiting the country. I organised my second trip to London with 3 other girls and we went to visit a friend of ours. I remembered everything from my first school trip and quickly became the girls' tour guide-we went all over the city in a few days and didn't want to go back home.

I could feel the magic of the city overwhelming me, freedom radiating from every corner, colourfully dressed Brits, positive smiles, pubs full of happy people and beer pouring everywhere. People there are always open to make new acquaintances, they are not obsessed with their egos, on the contrary, they want to gain new knowledge about foreign cultures and get to know new people.

- After such an important decision to go on the road and live in another country, there were sure to be little pebbles along the way. How do you handle such situations? What helps you keep going?

I'll be honest with you Gabby, I haven't encountered many difficulties in London, either professionally or personally. Sometimes it's also a matter of a bit of luck, and I've had mine.

The secret is to make friends with as many people as possible because you get experience from them, you get used to their habits, you keep yourself informed about new trends and you keep up with everyone else. When you blend in with the crowd, you start to feel you're in your own waters, before that you're just an ordinary immigrant.

-A lot of people change because of the environment they are in or because of the people. How did Britain change you?

It's only changed me for the better. The opportunities I got over the years working there motivated me to stop at nothing because there are development options around every corner. My attitude to people changed, I became more considerate and more helpful, I stopped thinking only about myself and started listening to others more. I also acquired the skill of the so called "fake English smile"- showing good manners and politeness, no matter what situation you are in and who you are talking to, the important thing is to be polite. A third of Britons admit to getting into a bad mood at least once a day and forcing a smile to avoid making a bad impression.

- How important is positive thinking for you? Why do you think it is good to jump into every opportunity that comes our way?

The universe only endows us with energy equal to our radiance.

Think positive and it will come back to you in unexpected ways.

I have never underestimated my abilities, on the contrary, I believe that with perseverance and persistence, anything can be achieved. And the harder and slower you achieve your goals, the more satisfaction you get. Rarely do I succeed the first time, whatever I tackle is slow but glorious.

- What are your biggest personal achievements?

I don't believe in dreams come true, for me the goal is to die with memories, not dreams! My achievements count on my fingers, I have never aspired to much. The important thing for me is that I've only managed to get this far and thanks to myself, I've never asked anyone for help.

This is my strength, as people have said "a warrior is a warrior himself".

"Life is either a daring adventure or... nothing." - Helen Keller

Be braver to be happier! Believe in yourself :)

From the author: Thank you, Michaela! Even for the short time we spent together, you left a mark on me that will never fade!

You are an example of a pure heart and a big soul! Our meeting once again proved to me that there are still active and kind, young people left. People who do not give up! I wish you all the happiness in the world! Thank you!

The photos are from Michaela's personal archive.

If you want to find out more about Michaela, follow her here! 👇



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