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Denimira Borisova on the magic of the world in 1/250th of a second

"I believe photography is a very powerful way for people to express themselves and their view of the world in a unique way."

Denimira Borisova is an adventurer at heart and a photographer by vocation. She directs, shoots and processes videos with high doses of creativity.

She is originally from Vratsa, but defines herself as a citizen of the world. Her love for photography invariably led her to the Film and Television major at NBU, where she graduated. She is the kind of person who turns a moment into a feeling. What part of her personal world remains in her works, how the light that each person emits is captured in a frame and how a photo tells a story, you will find out today from Denimira.

What part of the creative process of shooting makes you feel happiest about your work? What inspires you?

- The process of shooting itself is a pleasure. It's a collection of multiple stages. If my model is some crazy head, fun during shoots is always guaranteed. I also love the moments when processing the photos or editing the film. That's when something unique is born - the emotion you convey through your work. And the magic becomes reality.

I am inspired by other photographers' work, but I never copy an idea verbatim. If I copy someone, if I imitate or emulate someone, then I would lose my identity as an artist. Sometimes I use an idea, transform it and transform it according to my feelings. It always becomes something totally different.

Tell us more about your first steps in photography. Did photography choose you or rather you chose it?

- Rather photography chose me... ☺ It all started in childhood. My best friend Andriana and I were around 12-13 years old. We had a little camera - a soapbox type camera, which we used to take all sorts of crazy photo shoots. Some of them were probably a lot more creative than even our current ones... ha ha ha. What kind of shenanigans we used to come up with. We'd make dresses out of newspapers, wrap ourselves in toilet paper like mummies, create crime scenes, and whatnot... We'd turn on the timer and take pictures. I've been working with Photoshop and processing photos ever since. And I was only 13 years old.

After a while, I was about 16-17 years old, a close friend of mine (Iwaka) let me use his camera for a while, which was already a big one - a DSLR. Unprofessional of course, but it was still new to me. I started taking pictures of everything in front of me... And then I felt the magic. I felt that magical pull of photography and the feeling of capturing a moment for a split second and preserving it forever.

Then when I had to put the camera back it was very difficult. After all, it wasn't mine, was it? From that moment I was ambitious that I would start working and buy my own camera. Well, it happened. With my very first paycheck I bought one... and I haven't stopped since.

In these "messed up days" it's wonderful that there are such sunny people like you out there to support the art, develop it and share it. What are your goals?

- My goal is to travel the world and make photography my full time job, which will happen soon. I want to leave a mark in people's lives and make them feel beautiful. To see themselves through my lens in a different light and a different vibe thus becoming more confident in themselves.

Do you have a memory of what your first photo was? When did you take it and what did it look like? How did it feel then?

- I will never forget my first photograph. It was black and white, of the window at home. It had just rained and there were lots of drops on the glass in the foreground, and in the background tall panel blocks filled the whole frame. When I showed it to Ivaka, he got super excited and put it as wallpaper on his phone. Maybe since then I was inspired to take more and more pictures...

You have been to many places in the world. You have a very adventurous spirit and are always smiling. How do you decide to take your travels?

- Thank you. Traveling to me is the most meaningful thing one can do with their time. Exploring new and different cultures, traditions and food is an incomparable experience. Actually, I originally love street photography and landscapes the most although I upload other photos on the internet .

I have lived half a year in Dominican, Alaska, Mallorca, Greece and USA. I have also visited many other countries for shorter periods of time. The more you see of the world, the more you learn to see. And that is very important for a photographer.

I realized that this is the best investment one can make for oneself. To invest in travel, in experiences and expanding your knowledge.... everything else is material and short-lived.

What do you believe in? There are so many people in this country and around the world who love photography, how do they stay motivated in their work? What makes photography fascinating and why should they continue to learn and pursue it?

- I believe photography is a very powerful way for people to express themselves and their view of the world in a unique way.

Those who truly love photography and it is their thing will always be motivated because they have felt the magic and are captivated by it. It's a love for life.

I would advise people who want photography to be their job and not just a hobby to shoot as much as they can with large doses of desire and perseverance.

To be consistent and creative. To build themselves up, experiment in different areas of photography and not chase the perfect image because it doesn't exist. Even a blurry photo can be very impactful. To learn to tell stories through their photos. Let them not undervalue their work and hold on to their price because there is nothing better than earning well from what you love.

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