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BioRhythm Open Air '23 Montana, Bulgaria

Playing on brass instruments in Guča can easily be called a festival of Balkan sweet madness. The festival in Northwest Bulgaria is something that happens once a year and every time you leave the magical land there is only one thing to do - to do your best to return there again.

Hello, friends!

I hope that each of you had an easier week than you expected, and that you have also smiled more than you have been disappointed.

I'm here to share with you the news from a weekend in the Wild Northwest.

What happened there was incredible and I dare say that everyone left with positive thoughts.

Once again, we were part of the magic of music and on our turf.

And here are the names of the artists who took part in this year's edition:

The festival is a unique blend of Funk, Dub, UK Garage, Drum & Bass and Mother Nature.

It is important to note that every year the organizers surprise us with more and more powerful sound system, locations and artists. The flower of the team- Svetlana had transformed the whole place into comfort and coziness thanks to her great decorations. At the entrance of the festival, we were greeted by a festival garland of coloured triangles indicating our arrival at the right place. All that was left was to pitch the tent and indulge in some well-deserved rest and fun with friends. Let's find the balance again.

The concept of balancing is multifaceted and is measured in different ways. Three different, widely researched concepts of balance include social, subjective, and psychological balance. Social balance refers to an individual's appraisal of the society in which he or she lives and his or her place in it, while subjective balance refers to an individual's cognitive and active appraisals of his or her life. Psychological balance, synthesizes concepts of the subjective with theories of the balance of positive and negative situations in which we find ourselves. Lack of balance has been linked to poor mental and physical health outcomes, and research has shown that higher levels of balance predict increased productivity and creativity, better health and social behavior. Therefore, it is considered in the best interest of public health to evaluate activities and events of this type where everyone's participation leads to the improvement of their "ALL".

Collective gatherings matter. The opportunity to experience something together has deep symbolic value. Festivals offer such a platform by condensing our exposure to cultural activities within a specific time and place. This means that festival participants need to be there (present) and engaged with culture at the same time as others, which in turn will lead to meaningful, often life-defining shared memories.

Festivals also offer an opportunity for this collective experience to take place among people who might not otherwise meet or believe they have things in common with each other. A distinctive value of many festival experiences is their freewheeling nature, which can attract people from different generations, socio-economic backgrounds or cultural tastes.

Funders need to understand and support these different dimensions of the value of such an event. It is essential to consider not only the social and economic impacts, but also the wider cultural and symbolic value.

And let's move on. We arrive at BASS-BAR.

These tireless folks showed us a variety of drinks and hot delicious food all the while the festival was going on. They really didn't stop working hard and were always smiling. Thank you!

Oh! Mekitsi the next morning was something unique. Imagine dancing almost all night. For the reason that the music was very good you found it slightly difficult to go to bed. Moving to the trail we passed through to get to the location of the tents I thought out loud, -How nice that this night would pass under the stars! With great gratitude I went to bed in my tent and the next day arriving at BASS-BAR I found this treasure. For us Bulgarians this is the 'breakfast of champions'.

After we had a good meal, it was time for a walk. Mother Nature had made sure to meet us at her best.

Nearly a kilometer was the distance we walked from BASS-BAR to the Ogosta River. There we found shade, coolness and freshness.

Some of us found motivation to enjoy the cold water in the Ogosta River and even jumped in. There, I told you. There's always something to do in the Northwest, especially when you're in the wild green. Any of you reading folks can come up here and experience the serenity this place brings.

As we finish our adventure, we want to express our thanks to the organizers of this Subotage event. A team that deserves a huge amount of attention and support for everything to come. Thank you!

We are social animals and need opportunities to collectively celebrate the celebration of our existence every day. The Montana Festival will bring you just that- the freedom you need every day. Don't forget to have fun!

We look forward to the next edition of the festival in 2024.

Love! Peace! Unity! - Maat

Photos: Maat


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