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5th edition of 5kmRun Satellite in Montana

"Even though we did it on Sunday we are not giving up, we are here and we will continue to be active" 😊

Who said people from the big city are more active than those from small towns? :)

A group from Montana never stops proving how active and motivated the people there are, fighting for change and freshness in the daily lives of all who choose to stay in their hometown.

On Sunday, the love of running was once again the main reason Montana runners came together and had fun.

This was the fifth edition of the 5kRun Satellite for the city.

The first edition of the event took place on April 11, and just a few days after that Bozhidar Gospodinov and Luchezar Lukanov organized the 2nd edition, which was on April 17.

Just a week after that the eager runners participated in the 3rd edition on April 24.

Under the name Kozunaka Run, they together made the 4th edition a fact, which took place on May 1.

The start of the 5th edition was set at the usual place - behind the monument on Zheravitsa Square, and we can judge the emotion of another run together from the photo material. :)

Again we see familiar faces and even new ones. The organizers Bozhidar Gospodinov and Lachezar Lukanov do their best to have this type of events in Montana.

Bozhidar shared the following for everyone on social media:

- "Even though we did it on Sunday we are not giving up, we are here and will continue to be active" 😊

We can only say a big "BRAVO!" for the good vibes they and the people who took time out of their Sunday to join in the experience.

Thanks to their motivation and strong spirit, they are a great example that when we are together, side by side on the road to change, nothing is impossible!

5kmrun Montana group:



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